About Me

When I grow up I either want to be Nigella Lawson, or a Thunderbird.

I have a BSc in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University, and two MSc’s (Psychological Research, and Criminology and Criminal Justice) from Oxford University.

During the day I am a cox for the Great Britain Rowing Team. The rest of the time I am a food enthusiast. This is misleading really, in truth I am always preoccupied with my stomach.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I watched your race and I will admit like many I imagined wrongly you were trying to hard to make gains. I coxed blondie this year, just a week ago in fact. It’s not quite the same but I know the mentality involved and how I would never put my crews race in jeopardy. It was amazing, and sad hearing what happened, and I find your story really really insightful. Love the blog,

    Cox Will

  2. The best people in life are the ones that a) take on the biggest challenges and b) learn from mistakes.
    Brilliant article, and I am sure you are a brilliant cox.
    I have had loads of clashes in my coxing career, and never broken a blade. You were just unlucky, simple as that.
    A quote from Ronald Reagon, the future belongs to the brave, not the faint hearted.
    Go girl !

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